About Us

Where learning comes to life

When our students look back on the events that shaped their K-12 years, they won’t remember learning by rote, tedious lectures, or multiple-choice tests.

They’ll recall activities and opportunities that made learning come to life. Consider the inquiry-based study of insects in first grade that examines life cycles and cultivates empathy, dyeing fibers and making candles in 4th grade as part of a study on early explorers, conducting the trials of Socrates and Rospierre in a 10th-grade history class, and the fact that 100 percent of our students participate in our school’s many community service projects. 

It’s all part of our commitment to prepare our students for the world ahead, a philosophy that better enables Lake Ridge Academy students to perform academically, see globally, and succeed individually.

Please watch the Discover Lake Ridge Academy video to learn more.