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21st Century Education

The job market in the 21st Century will be unpredictable, adapting and ever changing. New jobs will continue to evolve while old jobs, like those common in the previous century’s manufacturing economy, will be reduced or eliminated. Lake Ridge Academy offers its students an education for the 21st Century by preparing its students for the ever-shifting life of the 21st Century by helping them to attain a sophisticated worldview and perspective of the times in which they live.

We focus on the teaching of critical and creative thinking skills, problem-solving techniques, and learning strategies; tools that give our students the ability to adapt and embrace change. Collaborative learning strategies used in our classrooms allows our students to integrate their knowledge and expertise into a group.

Our liberal arts based curriculum provides students with a strong educational foundation while forward-thinking courses of study like our environmental and entrepreneurial programs provide opportunities to work in current and important 21st Century fields of study. Finally, we help our students develop values such as stewardship, respect, responsibility, integrity, perseverance and patience, in order to lead a rich, rewarding and ethical life.