Financial Aid

Financial aid is provided to families who demonstrate financial need, which is defined as the difference between a family's resources and a child's educational expenses. Lake Ridge Academy provides a generous amount of financial aid. Awards are allocated on an annual basis after a review of the family's financial information. Families must reapply each year for continued eligibility, but can expect a continuation of support at a similar level if a student remains in good standing (academically, behaviorally, and financially) at the School and if the financial status of the family remains consistent. While the amount of a financial aid award may vary according to demonstrated need of the applicant, the overall policy (as determined by the Board of Directors) allows for support of up to sixty percent (60%) of such demonstrated need.  Lake Ridge Academy utilizes the SSS application packet and resulting report as a starting point in determining financial need.

While financial aid awards need not be repaid, we hope that recipients will be generous in supporting the Annual Fund and other fund-raising efforts at Lake Ridge Academy in the future, helping to provide for future generations of Lake Ridge Academy students, as others have done before. 

Financial Aid Services