Athletics Mission and Philosophy

Athletic Director: Mr. Peter Eckendorf

Our Mission and Philosophy:

At Lake Ridge Academy, all of our athletes, teams, and coaches operate under the following mission statement: That each athlete train, prepare, and compete with discipline, dignity, and excellence. In line with this mission is our belief that athletics at Lake Ridge Academy play an integral role in the education of our students. Our competitive and well rounded athletic program contributes to the integrity, leadership, loyalty and over-all development of each student-athlete. We also believe that our athletic program should bring pride to our community.

The benefits of participating in athletics reach far beyond the playing field. Sports foster characteristics important in the classroom and in life, including teamwork, leadership, self-control, trust, sportsmanship, loyalty and confidence. In addition, our dedicated coaching staff work with students to ensure their focus remains balanced and the desire to compete does not interfere with maintaining high academic standards.

The Lake Ridge Academy Experience

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The Lake Ridge Academy Experience

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