Center for Global Citizenship

Today’s students live in an ever-changing world that demands a global perspective. The Center for Global Citizenship is a school-wide program which focuses on the humanities as a pragmatic tool to navigate the challenges of the 21st century. This program embodies the school’s mission while providing students the opportunity to become proficient participants in the increasingly economically, politically, and culturally interconnected world through the acquisition of political acumen, communication skills, cultural literacy, and empathy, all in the goal of lifelong global responsiveness.

Beginning in the Lower School, Lake Ridge students are exposed to multiple cultural perspectives, from local to global. Our community establishes a foundation for students to develop their global consciousness as they mature through the grade levels. Our goal is to foster a sense of empathy and compassion for diverse communities. Classroom environments that emphasize responsibility, assertion, and cooperation are a priority. Conflict resolution is embraced as an opportunity for learning.

As students progress to the Middle School, their experiences become more sophisticated and focused. At this stage of their development, students feel a heightened sense of self-awareness and are more naturally self-conscious. Through the study of cultural universals, students find commonality by linking the American experience with the global community. This exploration of diversity leads to greater acceptance and tolerance.

The Upper School builds on a student’s global awareness by encouraging them to continue connecting their individual viewpoint with the world. Students’ world views are enriched through an exposure to multicultural perspectives, which enhances their empathetic global consciousness. With an emphasis on pluralism and recognition of shared values, the Upper School aims to send graduates into the world who are engaged and globally responsive.  Students who are passionately invested in the pragmatic study of the humanities can nominate themselves in their sophmore year to become a fellow in the Global and International Studies Program, which is the graduation certificate program for the Center of Global Citizenship.