Global and International Studies Program

Upper School students who are passionately invested in a pragmatic study of the humanities can nominate themselves in their sophomore year to become a Global Scholar in the Global and International Studies Program, which is the graduation certificate program for the Center for Global Citizenship.  The Global and International Studies Program develops our students’ overall global awareness by nurturing their intercultural consciousness and fostering the leadership skills needed to become active global citizens of the world. Global Scholars learn to advocate for policy change through a developed intrinsic motivation to understand the world and make a positive difference.

Global Scholars will conduct an in-depth, two-year research project on their self-selected Area of Study, which is supported by their academic study of world history, world literature, political and economic realities, health and environmental realities, and foreign language, as well as participation in cross-cultural opportunities such as extracurricular clubs and travel and/or travel-equivalent opportunities.  Participants share their extensive proficiency in their Area of Study with a knowledge-based presentation to faculty members and an outside professional proficient in the Area of Study at the end of their junior year.  The culminating project is the defense of an extensive paper in which Global Scholars have developed a pragmatic and purposeful resolution to a specific challenge from within their Area of Study to the same panel at the conclusion of their senior year.

Benefits of the Global and International Studies Program:

  • Opportunity to build critical and cross-curricular thinking skills in the goal of developing pragmatic and purposeful resolutions to global issues
  • Development of social and intellectual skills to navigate effectively across cultures
  • Comprehensive understanding of non-western history, politics, religion and culture
  • Development of college-level research, writing, organizational and independent learning skills under personal faculty guidance