Institute for Scientific Research

The Institute for Scientific Research , the graduation certificate program for the center, is an optional program for Upper School students that are interested and qualify for this unique and rigorous research education experience.  The purpose of the institute is to develop a student’s ability to problem solve through the lens of science.  The program strives to cultivate a student’s ability to think creatively, inquire, evaluate and communicate their findings in a clear and accurate manner. 

Considered a capstone program, students in the Institute (also known as institute fellows) enter the program in their sophomore year by taking an introductory course on the methods and process of scientific research.  In the Junior year, the institute fellows embark on a two- year original independent research project of their own selection.  They are matched with mentors, who are external partners and experts in the particular field the student is researching.  During the senior year, the Institute Fellows complete their research and produce a thesis which is defended in front of a panel.

This college-level experience is transformative for the student, as they learn the methods of original research and the resilience required to be a researcher.  The program gives a distinct advantage for students applying to colleges, as they will be able to share this tremendous experience.


2015-2016 Graduating Fellows List of Research Topics

Bacterial Transformation: Increasing E. coli Transformation Efficiency Through Ion Manipulation

Phragmites Management and Control: The Use of Herbicides Versus Natural Plant Competitors in the Control of an Invasive Plant Species.

Sleep Deprivation and its Impact on Learning and Memory in a Mammalian Model

The Epigentic Effects of Stress on Learning and Memory

Music and Alzheimer’s Disease: The Impact of Music on Agitation Levels in Alzheimer’s Patients.