Middle School

In Middle School, students begin to advance their skills in the scientific method, particularly in laboratory research and communicating research findings.   Because of our small laboratory class size, teachers can easily answer student questions by leading them through hands-on experimentation, instead of just teaching from a textbook.  Preparing an independent research project for science fair competition is a major classroom component during the seventh and eighth grade years, as students not only conduct but also must communicate their findings both visually and orally.  The social learning opportunity is just as important as the academic, as laboratory work is often done in teams, giving students a chance to work on leadership and interaction skills.

Sixth Grade:  Science study is focused on life science, as students continue to refine the scientific method and inquiry while learning about cell function and processes, genetics, evolution, ecology/ecosystems and human body system.

Seventh Grade:  This year, students will dive into the world of physical science which includes an introduction to chemistry and physics.  Coursework includes chemic reactions, atomic theory, force/motion, simple machines and energy/light.  In late winter, students participate in an independent science fair research project.

Eighth Grade:   Earth science is explored this year, as students investigate the earth’s surface, geology, plate tectonics, atmosphere, astronomy and water systems.  Eighth graders once again participate in an in independent science fair research project, refining their skills from their experience in seventh grade.