Upper School

The goals of the Science Department are to instill an understanding and knowledge of the world, of matter, of biological systems, of the laws of the universe, and of the complex interaction between inanimate and animate concerns. The department seeks to develop critical and analytical thought processes which enable students to interrelate the theoretical model and experimental observations, and to train students in basic laboratory techniques and procedures. Faculty members strive to relate the science of the textbook to an increasingly scientific and technological world, and to encourage students to understand that scientific, political, and ethical decisions are often part of the same package, and that they must keep abreast of the changes and growth in scientific knowledge to make responsible decisions.

All science courses in the Upper School are lab-based.  The curriculum is centered around experimentation and research to enhance class discussion and deepen the students understanding of scientific concepts and processes.  AP sciences complete over five and one half hours of laboratory time every six days.

Offering scientific study tracks in medicine, engineering and environmental sciences, a wide-range of classes and student clubs can help students gain acceptance into collegiate programs. Also, students can apply to enter the Institute for Scientific Research (Link), an intensive two-year independent research study. 


2017venn diagram

2017 science venn diagram