Center for Fine Arts

Lake Ridge Academy students have a deep respect for the arts, which are considered as important in the grand scheme of things as math, science, and the social sciences. Our fine arts curriculum challenges students artistically and intellectually, helps them become critical and creative thinkers, and develops high standards of artistic excellence as well as an appreciation of artistic integrity.

It starts in our Lower School, where our youngest students do much more than draw, color, and paint. They study digital photography and examine and emulate the works of the great artists under the guidance of an instructor with a master’s from Case Western Reserve University. And our Lower School music instructor, one of the top Orff Schulwerk teachers in Northeast Ohio, has a flair for drawing out musical creativity in even the shyest of students.

Students in Middle and Upper School take visual arts to even higher levels, study drama, direct and perform in plays, and have opportunities to work with professional actors. They study music and sing and dance, both individually and in groups, and take advantage of artist-in-residence programs, semester-long drama residencies, and intensive seminars.  Of note, every Upper School student is required to take three full years of fine art, which is higher than the state standard.