drum teacher kidsOur students are exposed to rich and varied forms of music beginning in Lower School with our Orff Schulwerk program. Its uniqueness lies in the incorporation of the spoken word, movement, and instrument playing as learning tools. Imitation and exploration lead students into improvisation, which is the essence of the Schulwek. In addition to continuing with the Orff approach, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students have the option of studying strings and participating in the Strings Ensemble. Experienced players may join the Intermediate Strings Ensemble.

In Middle School, students may continue their pursuit of instrumental music, opt for Orff Schulwerk general music class, or, in 7th, participate in jazz band, a new offering that includes both an instrumental and a vocal ensemble. Jazz piano is part of this.

In Upper School, students have greater flexibility in how they shape their fine arts experience and can pursue as many fine arts courses as they want. This includes participating in a small-group string ensemble, a choir, or a new jazz program that consists of a performing group of vocalists and instrumentalists. Music theory classes and opportunities to compose are also available.