School of Fine Arts

Lake Ridge Academy’s School of Fine Arts provides talented students with greater access to fine arts course work during their high school career while allowing them to take advantage of the academic opportunities at Lake Ridge Academy. In addition to this increased access, students move through a comprehensive fine arts curriculum where close-working relationships between students and teachers, as well as among students, provides an enriched experience in the given course of study.

The School of Fine Arts can be thought of as a school within a school. Students need to first be admitted to Lake Ridge Academy before auditioning for one of the programs of study. Programs of Study include:


  •     Voice
  •     Instrumental Jazz
  •     Strings


  •     Acting
  •     Musical Theater

Visual Arts

  •     Studio Arts
  •     Digital Arts

Each program of study requires students to complete sixteen Fine Arts credits within their field, attend and participate in a weekly Fine Arts Seminar, meet certain extra-curricular expectations, and complete the exit requirements. Special schedules are created for students in the School of Fine Arts to allow them the time to complete these curricular demands while meeting graduation requirements.

School of Fine Arts graduates have gone on to further their study at prestigious art programs such as Berklee College of Music, Pratt Institute, Rhode Island School of Design, Savannnah College of Art and Design, Belmont University, and the Cleveland Institute of Art.

The School of Fine Arts operates with the assistance of an Advisory Council made up of individuals with a variety of backgrounds and experiences in the Cleveland Arts Community. The Council's role is to assist in the development and growth of the School of Fine Arts by:

  • providing input and insight into the program and curriculum
  • bringing ideas and innovations to the discussion about what the School of Fine Arts offers
  • facilitating relationships with artists and organizations in the Cleveland area

We are incredibly grateful for the commitment and efforts of our Advisory Council.

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