March 30 Announcement

Lake Ridge @Home Is Here!


I hope you have been able to enjoy some family time during this very odd spring break. All of us at Lake Ridge have been busy preparing for Lake Ridge @Home, which debuts tomorrow, March 31. By this time you should have heard from your student(s)' Division Director, and you will hear from teachers by tomorrow, if you haven’t already. As you may know, Governor DeWine announced today that Ohio schools will continue with their virtual learning environments until at least May 1, 2020, so we are definitely prepared for Lake Ridge @Home to last at least through April.

As I have previously mentioned, the guidance I have given our teachers for Lake Ridge @Home is to emphasize what makes Lake Ridge special - our relationships - and to be as flexible as possible with students and teachers. We are definitely not in a "one size fits all" situation, and we will all learn together in this new environment. We know different students and families will have different expectations and we will work hard to "meet you where you are."

Similarly, I hope I can count on you to be flexible with our teachers and extend us all some grace as we adapt to this new world together. If you have a concern or suggestion, please let your teacher know directly, and I am sure they will be glad to hear from you. Division directors (Katherine Hatcher, Tim Unger, and Keeon Gregory) are also available to discuss Lake Ridge @Home with you and how it's going for your family. And of course, I always appreciate hearing from parents - please do not hesitate to contact me. Email is probably best for routine issues, but my cell is 216-571-7240 if you have any pressing issues.

If you are a lower school family, your homeroom teacher will be in touch about coming in and picking up a “class pack” of supplies from the lower school lobby without any human interaction. Mary Ann Vargo will be available to buzz you in between 10 and 2 daily. If you would prefer not to come to school, let us know and we will figure out another way to get these materials to you. If you are a middle school or upper school family and you need to pick up anything from school, please email me ([email protected]) and we can set up a time I can let you into the building to pick up your materials.

Also, look for an invite from me for “Mondays with Mitch,” at 4:00 pm on Mondays starting on April 6. Our school health specialist, Michael Haase, RN, and I will give a brief update and take questions on Lake Ridge @Home every week in April. You should receive a Zoom invite in the next day or two.

Please encourage everyone in your family to take the Governor's guidance seriously and limit public outings to those that are essential, while maintaining social distancing and hand washing practices. I am confident Lake Ridge will emerge from this global crisis stronger as a school and closer as a community.

Finally, please enjoy this short video our teachers have prepared to welcome everyone back. (Thanks Kim Parrish for putting this together!)

Thanks for your support and see you.... when I see you,

Mitch White