Kemper Science and Engineering

Kemper Science and Engineering, a modern, state-of-the-art facility that supports Lake Ridge Academy’s position as a leader in science and engineering education, officially opened in August 2016.  At 9,200 square feet, the building offers a variety of new learning spaces to accommodate students of all ages to explore science and engineering through hands-on experiences and experimentation.  The Kemper Science and Engineering building was fully funded by donations from the school’s generous community of parents, grandparents, alumni, friends, faculty and staff. 

The building houses many exciting learning spaces including:

Navratil Engineering Fab Lab:  A unique engineering lab and workshop offering advanced equipment typically seen in college-level facilities, including several 3D printers, laser and vinyl cutters, and a computer-automated router.  The technology will encourage students to partake in the growing maker's movement by designing, creating, and tinkering as part of their science, engineering, computer, and fine arts courses.

Kaatz Chemistry Laboratory:  The new and expanded chemistry laboratory was designed as a "clab" space, blending a traditional classroom lecture area with the laboratory.  Students have access to three fume hoods large enough for full class demonstrations.

Yoo Research Laboratory:  This laboratory offers dedicated space for our Institute for Scientific Research fellows to conduct their individual long-term research projects.

Greenhouse:  An active living classroom that is used by all ages to study and conduct biology and botany experiments.

Exploratorium:  A spacious, flexible multi-purpose room for students to build project, test inventions, participate in demonstrations and watch their ideas come to life.


 Take a slideshow tour of Kemper Science and Engineering

  • Kemper Science and Engineering Front View

    Kemper Science and Engineering 

  • Kemper Science and Engineering Side View

    Kemper Science and Engineering

  • Navratil Engineering Fab Lab

    Navratil Engineering Fab Lab

  • Navratil Engineering Fab Lab Workshop

    Navratil Engineering Fab Lab Workshop

  • Greenhouse


  • Kaatz Chemistry Laboratory

    Kaatz Chemistry Laboratory

  • Yoo Research Laboratory

    Yoo Research Laboratory for Institute for Scientific Research Fellows

  • Exploratorium