Culture Fest Returns to Lake Ridge Academy

Lake Ridge Academy Culture Fest returned after a two-year hiatus over the weekend. Culture Fest celebrates different traditions and unique cuisine from all around the world, with the proceeds being donated in full to worthy causes.

The Lake Ridge Academy Humanitarian Aid Society (HAS) Club held the first Culture Fest in 2002, and focused on showcasing Indian culture with all of the proceeds from the event being donated toward earthquake relief funds in India. This past weekend, Culture Fest returned after a two-year hiatus and showcased cultures from Europe, India, the Middle East, Latin America, and East Asia. The festival included cultural cuisine being served, artistic performances from professionals and students alike, and henna tattoos. All of the proceeds from Culture Fest were donated to benefit Ukrainian Refugees and to Laura’s Home, a women’s crisis center in the Cleveland area.

HAS President Madeleine Malcot’24 said “I am a lifer at Lake Ridge, and some of my favorite memories are from culture fest. Whether you are 4 or 94 there will be something for you. From enjoying the different food to getting a henna tattoo, there is something for everyone at this festival.” Due to the efforts of the HAS Club, and a turnout of well over 100 people at Culture Fest, over $5,000 was collected for the donations.