Middle School Science Fair

MS science fair.jpg

On Friday, January 25, Lake Ridge Academy held its annual Middle School science fair. There was a wide range of topics submitted by 71 of our seventh and eighth grade students. More importantly, the students worked hard and displayed a great deal of satisfaction and pride in their results. Thank you to all of our judges!

19 student earned a superior rating, and ten of them will advance to the Northeast Ohio Science and Engineering Fair (NEOSEF) in March. Superior rated projects also qualify for district and state science fair competitions later in the spring.

Congratulations to those students acheiving a superior rating, listed below:

Grade 7

  • Anjali Ajmani: Effect of Public Information Campaign on Single Use Plastic Usage
  • Hera Farago: Conversion of Plastics into Liquid Fuel
  • James Lin: Engineering Bioplastics
  • Claire McElwain: Flavor Longevity in Mint Gums
  • Nora Ostrica: Gender Differences in Coordination
  • Gabrielle Psenicka: Nose Cone Shape and Rocket Flight
  • Avi Shmois: Dog Heart Rate is Affected by Music Style
  • Ayaan Siddiqi: The Ultimate Electromagnetic Train
  • Zoe Viskocil: The Decomposition of Biodegradable Drinking Straws

Grade 8

  • Maya Al-Hadad: The Effect of Plastic on the Growth of Earthworms
  • Ava Behringer: Growth of Plants in Differing Concentrations of Iron
  • Rachel Gatten: The Effect of Air Pressure on Soccer Ball Performance
  • Claire Janmey: Waterborne Plastic
  • Sebastian Lagasse: Bean Growth in Different Colors of Light
  • Tayo McLaughlin: Songs, Suggestions, and Heart Rate
  • Ruby Mitchell: The Effect of Plastic Contamination on Fish Respiration Rate
  • Erin Morris: The Effectiveness of Different Brands of Antimicrobial Wipes
  • Jimmy Sherwin: Cats' Preference for Various Cat Foods
  • Katherine Skillings: Worm Growth and Diet Quality
  • Gavin Wild: Cooling Technologies for Microprocessors