Alumni Council

The Alumni Council was established by Lake Ridge Academy as a means to solicit feedback and opinions on issues concerning alumni. Over the years, it has evolved to a more formal structure consisting of officers and committee heads. At the heart of this evolution was the formation of a mission and strategic objectives. As an Alumni Council, the mission is to strengthen the community of Lake Ridge Academy alumni. This is achieved through enhanced communication among alumni and between Lake Ridge Academy and alumni, and through increased participation and involvement at Lake Ridge Academy events and with current students.

Alumni Council Members

  • Ian Anderson '04 - Chair
  • Franz Bauer '88
  • Bryant Bitar '01
  • Thommy Butchko '04
  • Megan Gardner '03
  • Greg Norton '06
  • Meghan Flannery Hayes '98
  • Jacqueline Pelsey '07
  • Chris Pfeil '70
  • Kippie Kemper Roshkowski '84 

The Alumni Council is currently seeking new members. 

If you are interested, please contact Leannie McAllister,

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