In Their Own Words

- Chris Baker ‘86

Whenever I’m asked about my experiences at Lake Ridge Academy, I mention the wonderful faculty who made such a huge difference in my life. I entered Lake Ridge Academy in the sixth grade and graduated in 1986. Each year, I benefited from the exceptional dedication of our teachers to help us learn both in and out of the classroom. Mr. Loman in the Lower School, Sandy Spike in the Middle School and all the great teachers in the Upper School fostered an environment that prepared me for college and life after formal education. Lake Ridge Academy’s small class size is its greatest asset not simply because of the number of students in a given course, but more importantly because of the access students have to talented teachers. John Ranahan, Dave Chanaca, May Zinn, Jane Maczuzak, Samir Nasir, and Mallou Suskin immediately come to mind when I recount my years in the Upper School. One person can make a difference and at Lake Ridge Academy, we benefited from the direction of many outstanding faculty members.

-Danny Groh-Wargo '05

The upper school not only prepared me for college and law school, it often matched the rigor. As a law student, nine years after graduating, I find myself still applying and finding strength from my years at LRA. Without a doubt. 

 - Zachary Sweebe ‘08

It is not everyday that a student can walk out of the courtroom and onto the stage, but thanks to Lake Ridge Academy, I have been given that opportunity. In the past year, I have had the honor to be an attorney for our Mock Trial program as well as the lead male actor in David and Lisa and How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying. Our Mock Trial team not only won the State Title, but we were ranked as the 13th best Mock Trial team in the entire nation. In addition, our fall play, David and Lisa, was honored with a full performance at the State Thespian Conference, which was an especially rare privilege for a school’s only year of participation in the Thespian Society.

However, Lake Ridge Academy doesn’t just shine outside of the classroom. Our teachers are one of our most important assets at Lake Ridge Academy, and I can say with confidence that the level of work that is done under the watch of these caring mentors is unmatched by any other school. We are willingly pushed to our limits by these teachers, and they in turn are encouraged to mold us because of the result of their hard labor: the people that walk out our doors with a diploma.

It’s been said that the students that graduate from Lake Ridge Academy have ‘something special’ about them, a warm personality and commitment to changing the world for the better. Thanks to our donors’ support, I was able to join their ranks and graduate from this fine school. I was given unmatched opportunities by Lake Ridge Academy, and it is because of this school and your support that I am who I am today.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your commitment to supporting the Lake Ridge Academy experience.


Please contact us with any thoughts you’d like to share about your experience at Lake Ridge Academy and the difference it’s made in your life.