Campus Community

Community Service Awareness Committee

Four Upper School students make up this committee and serve as liaison for all community service opportunities and contacts available to our Upper School students. The committee organizes and maintains an active database of non-profit agencies that have volunteer opportunities for our students. All students and their families have access to the database through a link on the Lake Ridge Academy Web site and may use it to design their own individual volunteer experiences.

The Lower School/Upper School Mentoring Program

This program involves approximately 20 Upper School students and all grades in the Lower School. Upper School students volunteer time during free periods to help Lower School students with reading, math, and research.

National Honor Society Tutoring

National Honor Society members tutor Middle School students in math, science, and language arts and social studies.

Student Technology Interns

During their free periods, Upper School students volunteer to help the technology department with computer trouble-shooting, installing software, setting up hardware, and other tasks.

Digital Imaging

Upper School student volunteers design posters for CultureFest, patron brochures for the library, and alumni invitations to the Winter Concert.

Student Ambassadors

Students act as tour guides during Lake Ridge Academy Open Houses and serve as hosts/hostesses for prospective students throughout the school year.

Boy Scout Volunteers for Lower School Den

Students act as assistants to the den master of our Lower School Cub Scout troop.