Global Community


Over 300 people from Lorain County/Cuyahoga County attend this annual celebration of cultural differences. CultureFest is supported by grants, such as the Youth Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Lorain County, the Mandel Center of Case Western Reserve University, and Youth Philanthropy and Service.  In the last seven years, CultureFest has raised approximately $40,000 to fight humanitarian injustices, build classrooms in Africa and India, and provide medical care for women and children in third-world countries. 

Humanitarian Aid Society

The Humanitarian Aid Society is a student-led club that seeks to raise awareness of human rights violations and help alleviate those atrocities. Fundraising is central to the Society‚Äôs activities. Past efforts have included raising money to fund the building of a schoolroom and pay the salary of a teacher in an African village devastated by AIDS, sending money and supplies to a clinic in Bangladesh to help children with deformities, and raising money for Save Darfur.