Physical Education

The aim of the physical education program is to provide a quality student-centered program that contributes to the total growth and physical, mental, and social development of each child. Our program provides positive yet challenging experiences that contribute to students’ self-confidence, overall health, and enthusiasm for learning, as well as helping each student make responsible, informed choices about a healthy lifestyle.

Movement education is the main focus at the primary level. This includes activities to develop loco-motor, perceptual-motor, rhythmic, manipulative, fitness, and body management skills. A variety of developmental games and activities are employed. These activities also foster social and cooperative interaction skills.  

For students in grades three through five, more emphasis is placed on refining movement and manipulative skills related to individual and team sports, as well as on the basic rules, strategies, and knowledge necessary to participate. Participation in group activities and games strengthens students’ personal and group membership/interaction skills. At all grade levels, students are encouraged to set personal fitness goals and demonstrate an understanding of basic health-related fitness concepts.