Middle School

Welcome to the Lake Ridge Academy Middle School!

Lake Ridge Academy Middle School provides a setting for learning that is focused on the educational and social needs of children in grades six to eight. Our middle school provides a nurturing environment for the individual child so that educational and social growth skills are able to develop to their full potential. In early adolescence, students still need to acquire study skills and “learn how to learn.” As such, we stress reading, writing, and speaking skills, as well as the ability to take notes, make decisions, think, reason, use technology, and take tests. The middle school curriculum also fosters the development of desirable attitudes and values, and promotes the student's personal growth. Positive reinforcement, recognition for jobs well done, and the development of self-esteem are paramount.

Teachers serve as advisors who monitor and care for students daily are personal resources for the students. Academic offerings help middle school students to define and strengthen their individual interests and self-concepts, and to master the knowledge and skills required by a vigorous curriculum. Our teachers do not simply provide superior instruction; they lead, inspire, and excite. They have been chosen because of their passion for the job and their ability to relate to students in a loving, supportive manner. They find true delight in teaching and are committed to awakening the natural curiosity in young minds. Many of our teachers have been with Lake Ridge Academy for over a decade, resulting in one of the most experienced and dedicated faculty around. Collectively, this has enabled Lake Ridge Academy to cultivate and maintain a sense of community that is instantly apparent. This not only ensures that students get the attention they deserve; it also builds bonds among students, parents, and staff that can last forever.

Our school has developed a mission and goals to ensure that Lake Ridge Academy students experience a level of excellence now and in the future. The plan sets the standards for: academic challenges and achievements; awareness of their community; athletic challenges and teamwork; appreciation for the arts; and an understanding and pursuit of integrity, scholarship, opportunity, and community. This student-oriented plan reasserts the importance of a well-rounded academic experience at Lake Ridge Academy.

We hope that you will enjoy visiting our site while learning more about Lake Ridge Academy's School mission, and discovering the many ways in which our core values are paramount in classrooms, labs, on our stages, and our athletic fields. Lake Ridge Academy has earned a reputation for excellence in preparing students for the challenges of college and beyond. Please feel free to contact our Admissions Office for additional information and to answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to serving you in the future!

Best Wishes,
Tim Unger
Interim Director of Middle School