Middle School Advisory Program

The Middle School advisor is an adult advocate with the opportunity and responsibility to know and support individual students. The advisory is a small, often close-knit grade-level group in which each student has automatic membership. Belonging to groups and having a comfortable place to “decompress” are developmentally important for early adolescents.

All Middle School students meet with their faculty advisor and fellow advisees during homebase at 8:20 a.m. daily and then again for a period of advisory several days. Advisory groups focus on issues that relate to students in their roles as people, as learners, and as members of the community. The ultimate goal is for students to understand themselves better in each of these roles. Throughout the year, students explore topics as varied as developing personal goals, celebrating accomplishments within and outside of school, and examining the factors that enhance and interfere with their learning.

The advisory group is intended to offer students a safe, supportive forum for dealing with issues of significance to them. Advisors provide advisees with an attentive ear, caring support, and sound advice throughout the year. Similarly, Community Building Groups, an offshoot of the advisory system, are cross-grade level groupings of students who meet regularly under the guidance of advisors to have fun, get to know students at different grade levels, and to perform service activities for both the Lake Ridge Academy and wider communities.