Middle School Curriculum

The primary focus in Middle School is enhancing student learning and success. Our various methodologies all reflect a key principle: We not only learn by doing; we learn by thinking about what we are doing.  

Adolescents need a healthy balance of variety, structure, and discipline, and our curriculum provides for all. Students have ample opportunity to work independently and in groups, and have some degree of choice in pursuing topics of interest to them.

Given our understanding of the ways early adolescents learn best, we employ a broad range of hands-on methodologies in various subject areas. These include but are not limited to simulations, lab experiments, visits from experts, projects, field trips, research, video/film, demonstration/modeling, writing and reading workshops, voice recordings, peer conferences and peer instruction, role playing, whole and small group discussion, inquiry-based activities, and integration with other subjects.

Field trips also enhance classroom experiences. Past and planned field trips include visits to the Allen Art Museum, the Cleveland Natural History Museum, Lake Erie Nature and Science Center, Cleveland Health Education Museum, Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, Elyria Foundry, Lake Erie Museum of Science, Inventure Place, and the Lake Erie shores.

We also continually add to our curricular offerings to ensure that we are engaging students in the most challenging and interesting of ways. Some of our newest offerings for Middle School include Pre-Algebra in 6th grade, Augmented Math in 8th, and Jazz Band, a vocal and instrumental ensemble.