Clubs & Organizations

Upper School students at Lake Ridge Academy can participate in any number of clubs and organizations, enabling them to explore fields of interest, develop talents, support and be part of community life, and gain leadership experience.

Clubs & Extra Curricular Activities


Student Senate, a body of sixteen class representatives, is the elected student government of the Upper School community. Existing as an outlet for students to voice concerns, the Senate serves as a liaison between the students, faculty, and administration. As guardians of the Honor Code, the Senate works to further develop a just community guided by our four Core Values. Besides holding weekly, open-door meetings, we address and respond to issues by holding full-body, lunch forums where the student body can openly voice their opinions and share their thoughts with the Senate. Student Senate is responsible for planning a number of House events throughout the year and also funds student activity grants. In addition, the senior class representatives constitute the Honor Council, a committee that adjudicates Honor Code violations.


Each year, the Academic Challenge team participates in several interscholastic Quiz Bowl-style events, including competition in a league with seven other Lorain County schools at both the varsity and JV levels, as well as the annual Scholastic Games of Lorain County, broadcast on the radio on WEOL-930 AM.


Book Club fosters a creative environment for discussing books chosen by its members. Book Club works to nourish a student’s passion for reading by initiating free-form discussions involving others who share the same interests. The mission of Book Club is to spread the love of literature throughout the community, and provide an outlet for bibliophiles to express their raw opinions and beliefs.


Cause for Paws (C4P) is the Lake Ridge Academy animal protection and awareness club. Cause for Paws promotes and brings awareness to animal rights in our community.  We have hosted several events such as our annual movie nights along with fundraisers. Also, the club hosts debates and discussions on current animal ethical issues and debates on relevant topics such as animal testing and dog fighting, and the reason behind these debates and discussions is to raise awareness to advocate animal rights.


Club Med promotes health awareness and volunteer work through our members, who are often interested in the study of medicine or intend to pursue a career in health science. In the fall, there is an annual fundraiser where the proceeds go to Kick-it for Cancer to aid in children’s cancer research. There are also other opportunities for volunteering such as the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. During the winter, Club Med hosts its largest event, the Health Symposium, where other schools are invited to attend to discuss trending medical topics and hear different experts from the medical field share their experiences.


The  Culture Club celebrates cultural diversity at Lake Ridge Academy.  Culture Club members will have the opportunity to learn and discuss the many cultures of the world and expose other LRA students to these cultures through a series of activities, festivals and foods. Culture Club will provide students with a platform to become global citizens.


The Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) is an anti-bullying club sponsored by the Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network (GLSEN) that advocates freedom of sexuality and general equality in the educational environment. The club focuses on stopping the use of inappropriate language in the school and preventing any and all types of physical/verbal abuse.  The group participates in Transgender Day of Remembrance, as well as several GLSEN events, such as Ally Week and Day of Silence.


Green Society is the Lake Ridge Academy environmental awareness and empowerment club.  Our mission is two-fold: 1) to educate our members and the school community at large about environmental issues which affect us all in large and small ways, and 2) to raise funds in order to support the actions of outside environmental groups whose goals align with our own as well as to purchase items to reduce the ecological footprint of our school. 


Humanitarian Aid Society strives to raise awareness about humanitarian issues around the world. HAS works with the school community and the surrounding community to become involved in different ways to help those affected by issues. HAS also works to raise funds and promote diversity in the community by holding Culture Fest each year. The focus group for the 2015-2016 year is the Malala Fund.


Our club is designed to send students into the world with more confidence and a more developed understanding of social situations. The purpose of this club is to perform and learn to step out of our comfort zones. When we meet we will hone in on the improvisational skills our members already have.


Junior Engineering and Technical Society (JETS) is an organization for students who are interested in exploring engineering. At our weekly meetings, we work on math-based engineering problems in order to develop problem-solving and analytical-thinking skills. Each February, we organize into teams of eight and compete in a regional competition.  Last year, we finished third out of 13 teams in Northeast Ohio.


Junior Statesmen of America is dedicated to political and current events, discussions, and debates. Each week, a topic with national or global importance is chosen, and the members meet to discuss its circumstances, its impact, and its repercussions. These issues span a series of themes, including race, religion, law, morality, and rights. Recently, we have created Lake Ridge Academy's first official chapter of JSA. This gives students the opportunity to participate in further debate opportunities and conferences outside of school to expand our community's knowledge on current events.


Knitting for the Needy is dedicated to teaching students the lifelong skill of knitting, as well as providing knitted projects to the outside community. Knitting requires practice, patience, effort, and creativity; introducing this activity to our generation opens an entirely new avenue to be explored. By the end of the 2014-2015 school year, Knitting for the Needy will have donated to over 55 families.


The club volunteers and fundraises for selected local community organizations during each semester.  Even though the overseas issues are important, if the people of Lake Ridge Academy come together, we can all make a change to our little part of the world.


Mock Trial is a simulation in which students consider legal cases and assume the roles of attorneys, witnesses, and judges. Students have the opportunity to learn about legal issues and courtroom procedures and to participate in local or regional competitions with other schools.


Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the United Nations organization. Students acting as delegates from their assigned countries debate current issues on the UN agenda. Through negotiations and diplomacy, the MUN student seeks ways for the world community to deal with complex global concerns. The students ultimately participate in the citywide simulation of the United Nations where they are in competition with other schools. The Model United Nations offers an excellent means for one to gain practical experience in a multiracial, multicultural, and multilateral setting.


National Honor Society is a group of outstanding sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have proven their commitment to academic excellence and service.  Students are selected on the basis of scholarship, service, character, and leadership.  The group demonstrates its commitment by providing tutoring to all Middle and Upper school students referred by teachers as well as through service activities outside of our Lake Ridge Academy community


The Lion’s Roar is the esteemed Upper School Newspaper. The school’s journalists and artists come together to create a new edition approximately once a month. Articles are written on varying subjects such as Lake Ridge Academy community events, Upper School news, sports, and different media reviews. Each issue also includes original creative mediums such as the creative poem and comic strip. Special issues throughout the year include Back to School, Holiday, and Valentine’s editions. All members of the club work hard to produce a new and fun edition for the enjoyment of both the students and staff of the Lake Ridge Upper School.


Programming Club is dedicated to discussing and utilizing new and interesting computing techniques. Throughout the year, we come up with solutions to existing problems in computing, create our own programs, talk about things we have done on our own, and more. It’s best for you to bring some kind of computing device (preferably a laptop, because of the full-size keyboard), so you can write code during our meetings. No prior programming experience required.


Founded in 2015, the Rocketry Club builds a variety of different types of rockets and planes. The club has become increasingly involved in FPV or First Person View devices. Since the "The Rocketry Club" Club was founded, we have expanded and have had a noticeable impact on the Lake Ridge modeling community. 


An organization committed to furthering the study of Science-Fiction and Fantasy texts. We hold regular discussions concerning specific aspects of the genre, as well as recreational activities such as movie nights and Humans vs. Zombie events, often to raise money for specific causes. It is an open admission club.


Started in 1929, the International Thespian  Society has grown into an international organization with more than a million members, but its goals haven’t changed; the Thespian Society still strives to make education and arts programs places for good theater and to honor those who do theater well.  At Lake Ridge Academy, our troupe produces the fall play and winter musical and attends local, state, and international high school theater conferences.


Zine club independently publishes a Zine every semester at Lake Ridge Academy. A zine is a small inexpensive booklet filled with artistic material, whether it is written word, photography, or illustrations. Zines are distinct from literary magazines in that they are typically small and simple in size and format. Each of the club’s zines also carries a theme decided on by the club as a group. The group’s main goal is to serve as an extracurricular artistic outlet for students who desire to express themselves without concern for their work being graded or evaluated. Zine Club also hopes to inspire other students to explore independent publishing as an alternate method for communicating and sharing their own ideas and beliefs which they cannot express through spoken words alone.