A Lake Ridge education includes the course requirements listed below, as well as additional courses chosen by the student that ensure a challenging and diverse load each year. Though course work is central to a Lake Ridge education, we emphasize that academic courses are only part of a larger educational experience. Our school’s mission at every level is to educate the whole child, not just the intellect. A Lake Ridge diploma signifies a student’s membership in a graduation class and the larger school community, as well as the completion of a myriad of experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

Course Requirements for Graduation

English 4 years of study (including at least two semesters of literature during junior and senior years)
Social Studies 3 years of study (including U.S. History)
Foreign Language 3 years of study 
Mathematics 4 years of study (including Algebra 2)
Science 3 years of study (Biology, two semesters of Physical Science, and another science)
Fine Arts 3 years of study
Physical Education 1 year of study
Health 1/2 year of study
Senior Seminar 1 course of study