The English Department helps students master the essentials of written and oral communication; enable students to analyze with confidence the techniques, themes, and ambiguities of the world’s literature; foster respect in students for the opinion of others and teach them to be active contributors to the exchange of ideas and opinions; and help students cultivate an appetite for lifelong learning. English 9 and 10 are full-year courses and emphasize composition and literature as well as an intensive study of grammar and vocabulary. Eleventh and 12th grades offer a variety of Honor and regular literature and writing courses electives. Honor students, who have met the prerequisites, may take Advanced Placement English and two courses taught in conjunction with Oberlin College through their Oberlin College Educational Alliance Network program.  Advanced College Literature is offered to seniors who successfully completed Advanced Placement English during their junior year. The popular "Excursions" classes take students to Boston, Salem, and Concord during spring break where they tour and explore such places as the House of Seven Gables, the Salem Witch Trials Museum, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, and Walden Pond.


Independent Scholar Award (100K)

Summer Reading (244K)