Fine Arts

Lake Ridge Academy’s Fine Arts Program is designed to encourage and develop the artistic abilities that exist in every student. The fine arts play a particularly strong role in the values of our entire school community, and we seek to support students in developing skills and understanding in three domains: a specific arts discipline; academic study; and social and personal development. Additionally, the Lake Ridge Academy Fine Arts Program believes that all experiences are learning experiences, and therefore attention to the way in which we live and work together has a strong influence on their artistic endeavors.

We also believe each student at Lake Ridge Academy possesses their own unique set of artistic talents and skills. We believe that the role of the fine arts faculty is to challenge each student both artistically and intellectually so that they may become critical and creative thinkers ready for the ever-changing world.

For those students who aspire to pursue fine arts beyond high school, we offer them the opportunity to audition to gain entrance into Lake Ridge Academy’s School of Fine Arts. (Click here) for more information.