Physical Education

The goals of the Physical Education Department are to help the student gain an understanding of the basic principles of total fitness and develop an appreciation for fitness through properly planned personalized activities. The department helps the student acquire skill and knowledge in using his/her body and to master skills in a variety of sports. We foster the values of social responsibility, good sportsmanship, and a sense of fair play through a respect for the rules of the game and other participants. We also work to develop self-awareness of personal capabilities concerning skills and fitness levels to promote a positive self-image, and to develop a desire for participation in lifetime recreational activities.

Health Education at Lake Ridge Academy puts an emphasis on desirable health habits. Our goal in Health class is to helping young people achieve overall well being: mentally, physically, and socially. This class covers many health topics that occur in our every day lives and helps students to become health literate. The health-literate person is a critical thinker and problem solver, who recognizes the value of attaining and maintaining good health.