House System and Mentoring Program

The Upper School House System and Mentoring Program

The Upper School House system is an integral part of our Mentoring Program. Created in 2004, the House System divides the entire Upper School into four. Each House has been named after an intellectual whose work is the backbone of a liberal arts western education. You will see their names, Dante, DaVinci, Locke, and Newton, displayed on lockers, banners and t-shirts throughout the Upper School.

Each House has an elected Captain, a senior, a Vice-Captain, a junior, and a Treasurer, a sophomore. These officers are charged with organizing community service opportunities, social events, and fund raising activities for the House. They also encourage house representation at athletic and fine arts events. Each house is assigned on a rotating basis the responsibility of organizing, overseeing, and hosting one of the following Upper School activities: Homecoming Dance, Winter Formal, Prom, Conference Hosting (hosts guests and introduces speakers at Diversity Forum and Humanities Conference).

The House System helps us to facilitate our Upper School Mentoring Program. Assigned to each House are five faculty Mentors who provide oversight and lead one of the five advisory groups that make up the House. Each advisory group has students from different grade levels to help facilitate inter-grade community building and allow us to use the invaluable resource of our upperclassmen. The mission of the Lake Ridge Academy Upper School Mentoring Program is to nurture a relationship based on active listening and trust between our faculty and students. The philosophical principles guiding our Mentoring Program underscore the academic and social well being of our students. We commit ourselves to open communication, to develop rapport, and to facilitate the resolution of student concerns. The philosophy guiding student relations within the Mentoring Program is to foster unity and camaraderie and in doing so to promote leadership, trust, and responsibility.