Lake Ridge Academy Receives Veale Foundation Grant

Lake Ridge Academy is excited to announce it is the recipient of a $10,000 grant through The Veale Foundation. The grant will support the new Entrepreneurship Graduation Certificate program at Lake Ridge Academy, with a focus on providing authentic, real-world learning experiences on campus and within the greater Cleveland community.

Graduation Certificate programs at Lake Ridge Academy are multi-year programs that provide intensive, college-level academic experiences under the support and guidance of faculty and mentors, while giving Upper School students an invaluable glimpse at what a future career in the field could entail. Currently certificates are offered in scientific research, engineering, fine arts, and global affairs. Each program culminates in a comprehensive and thorough review of student work, either through a thesis defense, final presentation or artistic review.

“The Entrepreneurship Graduation Certificate program will teach our students how to navigate the complexities of strategic decisions,” said Mitch White, Head of School. “This certificate program will give our students additional opportunities to think critically and creatively about business.”

“We are excited to launch the Entrepreneurship Graduation Certificate program, and are grateful to The Veale Foundation for their generous gift,” said Mat Barker, Director of the Institute for Business and Entrepreneurship at Lake Ridge Academy. “We have received an outpouring of support from students, faculty, and parents for this program. The Edward E. Ford Foundation awarded the program with a grant last year, and the recognition of The Veale Foundation will only build this program to be even stronger.”

The Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Forum (VYEF) is a collaborative network of educators, business leaders and collegiate-level resources, VYEF offers programs and experiences that allow students to think creatively and analytically, recognize business opportunities, take initiative, solve problems, persist through failure, communicate persuasively, and develop an entrepreneurial mindset. The partnership between VYEF and Lake Ridge Academy will benefit students both inside of and beyond the classroom.