School Life

Our Community

Community is at the heart of everything we do at Lake Ridge Academy - and ours is truly a unique one. Having a single, 93-acre campus shared by students from grades kindergarten through 12 naturally creates a dynamic, well-rounded school experience that we further enhance through special programs and philosophies.

The entire school community is led by our core values of respect, integrity, scholarship and personal best. These values become apparent when seeing hallways of lockers with no locks or hearing students respectfully interacting with teachers and each other. Here, student bonds cross grades - and even divisions - as our youngest students learn from our oldest through events like a day spent performing community service or during a carnival-themed chemistry lab designed for first graders by AP Chemistry students.

We enjoy supporting the extracurricular interests of our students outside the traditional classroom experience. Our Upper and Middle Schools offers a long list of student clubs that rivals schools triple our size, while our robust Summer Program encourages students to use the summer months to gain a new hobby or interest. Before and after school programs, including our Center for Creative Thinkers, serve as both an assistance to busy families and also as an enrichment opportunity for our younger students.

Parents are also a key component to our welcoming community. Parents are highly encouraged to get involved with our Parents Association, which works tirelessly to help support the Lake Ridge Academy experience through special events and fundraising activities.