Middle School (6-8)

Fueling a Passion for Learning

The middle school years are a time of exciting growth and change. At Lake Ridge Academy, students in grades six through eight enter a learning community where they receive support and encouragement, helping them to develop academic and social skills, acquire a love of learning, and reach their full potential.

Expectations are set high in the Middle School and our talented faculty is there to assist students through every triumph and every fall. Passionate about teaching this age group and aware of how young adolescents learn best, our teachers are committed to engaging our student-scholars in active, challenging, and interesting ways, while also instilling in students positive attitudes and lifelong values.

Middle School Highlights

  • High School Prep

    Our Middle School curriculum begins to prepare students for high school by building their skills to inquire, collaborate and self-advocate. They engage in more rigorous material, further develop their writing skills, sharpen their critical and analytical thinking, and can even take high school level courses.

  • Social Development

    A caring faculty helps to positively steer students along the path of adolescence. Initiatives such as advisory, family groups, community building days, and the 7th-grade leadership trip help students to build confidence, a sense of belonging, and important leadership skills.

  • Community Service

    Though not a requirement, community service is built into the Middle School curriculum and family groups.Students engage in a wide range of service initiatives, from holiday community projects to working with a local animal shelter to volunteering at the local food bank.

  • Athletics and Clubs

    Students find many opportunities to participate in activities outside the classroom. After-school sports begin as early as 6th grade. Students can also participate in numerous clubs and organizations, including Advisory Council, Engineering Club, Ski Club, Junior Model United Nations, and more.

The Middle School Experience

It is going past the content they teach us and it is more about the general idea and how we can apply it to real life

Grade 8

Meet the Middle School Director

Tim Unger

The Middle School is a place where students are known. Our community connects students with each other and with our teachers, making it a safe place for kids to take the kinds of risks that lead to growth, discovery, and learning.

Tim Unger
19 years at Lake Ridge Academy