Our Mission: Launching Confident, Creative Thinkers for a Changing World

Lake Ridge Academy isn't just about academics; it's about empowering the whole person. Our mission is to send confident young people of integrity into the world, equipped with the critical thinking skills and creativity to thrive in an ever-changing world. We believe in fostering a lifelong love of learning, where students embrace challenges and discover the joy of exploration.

Our Core Values

The entire Lake Ridge Academy community commits to shared core values.
We dedicate ourselves to helping one another create a community that recognizes every individual’s abilities and aspirations for earning and giving respect, developing an inner sense of integrity, appreciating the values of nurturing scholarship appropriate for each developmental stage of learning, and understanding what constitutes doing one’s personal best in attending to the challenges of each day.

Guiding Principles & Educational Philosophy

At the heart of our educational philosophy lies a deep commitment to community. We believe in creating a space where every individual feels recognized, respected, and supported. These core values shape our daily experiences and define the Lake Ridge Academy difference:

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  • Celebrating Individuality

    We recognize that each student possesses unique abilities and aspirations. Our approach fosters personal growth, encouraging students and teachers to build a strong sense of integrity and strive for excellence in all they do.
  • Respectful Learning Environment

    Mutual respect is the cornerstone of our community. We foster a caring and safe environment where students feel comfortable taking risks, embracing diverse perspectives, and actively engaging in learning.
  • Holistic Development

    We believe that academic achievement goes hand-in-hand with social-emotional well-being. We offer a rich and diverse learning experience encompassing academics, arts, athletics, and performance opportunities.
  • Lifelong Learners

    Our curriculum is designed to nurture a lifelong love of learning. Students learn at different paces and possess unique learning styles. Our differentiated instruction recognizes these individualities, ensuring each student is challenged and supported on their academic journey.

Lake Ridge Academy: Where Potential is Realized

Our mission transcends the classroom, fostering the development of well-rounded individuals prepared to make a positive impact on the world. Join us and discover the power of a Lake Ridge Academy education!
Lake Ridge Academy is the only independent college preparatory school on Cleveland's west side. Our co-educational curriculum offers a unique blend of academics, extracurricular activities, and a focus on character development, all on our beautiful 93-acre campus. With a student-teacher ratio of 8:1, our devoted faculty provides personalized attention to help every student thrive.