Making a Lake Ridge Academy Education Affordable

At Lake Ridge Academy, we believe an exceptional education should be within reach for every family. That's why we're committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive learning community, reflected in the 70% of students who receive financial aid. We understand that affording private school tuition is a significant decision, and we're here to help!
Let's make your child's dream of a Lake Ridge Academy education a reality!

FIT: Family Individualized Tuition

Our innovative Family Individualized Tuition program recognizes that every family's financial situation is unique. Through FIT, we work with you to determine a personalized tuition plan that reflects your family's specific circumstances. This program ensures an exceptional Lake Ridge Academy education is accessible to a broader range of deserving students.


List of 10 frequently asked questions.

  • What is FIT?

    FIT stands for Family Individualized Tuition. FIT is an indexed tuition model that considers discretionary income when determining a family's unique tuition. FIT allows us to equitably and transparently consider financial needs when determining tuition.
  • How is FIT calculated?

    FIT identifies a portion of a family's discretionary income (usually 25-30%) for educational expenses. FIT then adjusts for the number of children currently in tuition-charging schools. This allows us to make a Lake Ridge Academy education within reach for families of all sizes and in many circumstances.
  • How do I apply for FIT?

    The priority application date for new families to be packaged with need-based tuition assistance under FIT is November 17th, but the process is rolling. Financial aid package information will be available on a rolling basis beginning in January. Admissions decisions will be rendered in February. Please note that admissions decisions are made independently of financial aid considerations.
  • Who is SSS?

    School and Student Services (SSS) is the leading independent third-party financial services company provided by the NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools). Lake Ridge Academy has used SSS to support financial aid determinations for several years. Under FIT, we will continue to use SSS and its online Parent Financial Statement application system. If you have questions about using SSS, please view their website.
  • What is Lake Ridge's tuition?

    Our tuition for 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 is listed here.
  • Can I combine FIT with EdChoice or merit-based scholarships?

    Yes! Families can combine the EdChoice scholarship with need-based aid and merit-based scholarships.
  • Can my FIT tuition increase or decrease annually?

    Expected FIT increases occur each year as your child moves through the grades (called step increases) along with inflationary increases. We work hard to keep both step and inflationary increases as small as possible. Because your FIT is determined primarily based on your discretionary income, any significant increases or decreases in your discretionary income could cause a subsequent increase or decrease in FIT. Examples could include a spouse returning to work, a significant job change, or enrolling another child in a tuition-charging school.
  • What if I don't apply for FIT?

    Families who choose not to apply for FIT will receive the maximum tuition for each child.
  • Who makes the final determination of my tuition?

    We have a small FIT and Scholarship Committee that meets weekly to determine tuition in a highly confidential manner based on your application and SSS calculations.
  • Why does a committee determine my FIT?

    SSS does a great job of accurately analyzing your financial situation and subsequent estimates of the tuition amount your family can pay. However, there can be more to a family's financial picture outside the SSS review. Our FIT Committee reviews the SSS determination but then extends the process to include a review of additional documents not requested by SSS that might highlight other significant discretionary income factors. As a result, families receive individualized tuition rates that are often lower than the SSS determination and make more sense for their financial circumstances. If you have significant family expenses that SSS does not ask about, please submit additional documentation to Mark Charvat when you complete your SSS online application.


Scholarships provide additional financial support to exceptional students entering grades 6-11. Scholarships are awarded based on various factors, including but not limited to financial need, academic merit, community service, or leadership. Scholarship awards will continue through graduation and will not be altered, augmented, or replaced, provided the student maintains their academic and behavioral eligibility. To learn more about our scholarships and their criteria, read below:

Current Use Scholarships - Supporting Students for a Specific Term

List of 7 items.

  • Aspire Scholarship

    The Aspire Scholarship is funded by donors who offer deep financial support to strong academic leaders.
  • College Bound Scholarship

    The College Bound Scholarship is funded by Jeff Knapp '83 and Annette (Wasem) Knapp '84 to support students with an outstanding academic commitment.
  • Harding Family Charitable Trust Scholarship

    The Harding Family Charitable Trust Scholarship is a competitive, renewable, need-sensitive, and merit-based scholarship for Upper School students from Olmsted Falls or Berea.
  • Kauffman Family Scholarship

    The Kauffman Family Scholarship is funded by a Lake Ridge family and is offered as a competitive award that supports students with financial need.
  • Public Service Scholarship

    The Public Service Scholarship provides a scholarship to children entering grades 9-12 who are the sons and daughters of first responders (police officers, paramedics, firefighters, and active military personnel). Several scholarships are offered through this program by Atlanta friends of Mitch White, the Fauver Family; Nancy and Joe Scarpitti; Eric Sutherland '80; and Chrissy and Don Wostmann in honor of their son, Alec '19, on the occasion of his graduation from Lake Ridge Academy.
  • The Joyce B. Sommer Memorial Scholarship

    The Joyce B. Sommer Memorial Scholarship was established in 2001 by Ken Sommer and his family, who have been part of Lake Ridge Academy's community since its founding. The scholarship honors Ken’s late wife, Joyce, and is awarded to a deserving student each year without restriction.
  • The Sheerer-Filion Scholarship

    In honor of Evan Filion ‘16, the Sheerer-Filion Scholarship is a competitive scholarship awarded to one or more students with financial need in the Middle or Upper School. 

Endowed Scholarships - Supporting Students in Perpetuity

List of 12 items.

  • Carol Klimas Scholarship Fund

    The Carol Klimas Scholarship Fund was created in 2018 at the time of President Carol Klimas’ retirement in recognition of her longstanding devotion to deserving students who can thrive at Lake Ridge Academy. The scholarship is awarded to entering students in grades 6-11 whose actions, community service, or other leadership suggest a high degree of integrity and respect for others.
  • Chloe Geiselman Scholarship Fund

    The Chloe Geiselman Scholarship Fund was established in 1992 for Lower School students by Chris Geiselman and Greta Lesher in memory of their daughter, Chloe.
  • Dresing Family Scholarship

    The Dresing Family Scholarship, created by Tom '83 and Janna Dresing, is a competitive award that supports students with financial need.
  • The Fauver Family Scholarship

    The Fauver Family Scholarship was funded by Cole M. Fauver ‘79 in 2020 to support students with financial need.
  • General Scholarship Fund

    The General Scholarship Fund was established in 1993 to support K-12 students with demonstrated financial need.
  • Herbert W. and Mildred N. Kaatz Scholarship

    The Herbert W. and Mildred N. Kaatz Scholarship supports students with demonstrated financial need. Herb and Don Kaatz, '70, established the scholarship in 1992 in honor of Mildred, their wife and mother, respectively, who was an active supporter of Lake Ridge Academy.
  • J.A.G. Scholarship

    The J.A.G. Scholarship supports students with the highest level of financial need and was established in 2014 with a gift by a former Lake Ridge mom in honor of her own mother and son.
  • Jane Maczuzak Scholarship Fund

    The Jane Maczuzak Scholarship Fund was created to honor former Lake Ridge Academy faculty member Jane Maczuzak and supports deserving Upper School students interested in science.
  • John W. Kemper Scholar Award

    The John W. Kemper Scholar Award was established in 1980 by John and Betty Kemper to support students entering grades 9-11 whose outstanding academic achievements could make an exceptional contribution to the school.
  • Michael Benjamins '94 Memorial Scholarship

    The Michael Benjamins '94 Memorial Scholarship was established in 2000 by William R. Litzler, President of C.A. Litzler Co., in memory of Lake Ridge Academy alumnus Michael Benjamins '94. It supports students with demonstrated financial need.
  • The Norton Family Endowed Scholarship

    The Norton Family Endowed Scholarship was created in 2022 by Ben and Brenda Norton to support students with demonstrated financial need. Preference is given to students who live in Lorain County.
  • Yanna Voutsiotis '05 Endowed Scholarship

    The Yanna Voutsiotis '05 Endowed Scholarship was created in 2012 by George, Vivy, and Alexia '07 Voutsiotis in memory of their daughter and sister, Yanna '05. The merit scholarship honors one or more students entering grades 9-12 who embody Lake Ridge Academy's core values and demonstrate extraordinary excellence in athletics, academics, and community service.


Lake Ridge Academy accepts the EdChoice Scholarship for all eligible students. Every Ohio student in grades K-12 is eligible for an EdChoice scholarship in either the "Traditional" form, based on assigned public school building, or the "Expansion" form, based on a decreasing pro-rated scale according to a family’s income. The state of Ohio determines eligibility under its guidelines. Once a student qualifies with the state, the scholarship remains in place through 12th grade, provided the student remains eligible. All families who request need-based tuition assistance from Lake Ridge must also apply for EdChoice, and your EdChoice award will be factored into your need-based tuition assistance package.

For More Information

For more information about the EdChoice Scholarship, please visit the Ohio Department of Education’s website

Please note that admissions decisions are made independently of financial aid considerations.

List of 5 items.

  • Apply Online to LRA

    Apply here and be accepted to Lake Ridge Academy.
  • Enroll in Lake Ridge Academy!

    You will be issued a contract that reflects an EdChoice scholarship amount, if applicable, along with any additional scholarship or need-based aid you may receive.
  • Determine Your EdChoice Eligibility

    The Educational Choice Scholarship Program (EdChoice) has two options: Traditional or Expansion. To see if you qualify for the Traditional Program, search for the student's designated school building in your home location's public school district. Other ways to qualify for Traditional EdChoice are outlined here. When applying for Traditional EdChoice, you do NOT need to complete the Income Verification process unless instructed by a Lake Ridge employee.

    If you do not see your designated public school building on the list or do not meet the additional eligibility requirements, you will apply for EdChoice Expansion. Most families apply through this program. The Expansion program requires you to submit Income Verification on the State of Ohio website.
  • Complete the Program Request Form

    Submit a completed EdChoice Scholarship Program Request Form to Lake Ridge Academy along with the child’s birth certificate and proof of current address (most recent utility bill displaying both service address and billing address). Lake Ridge will then submit your EdChoice Scholarship application on your behalf.
  • Income Verification

    If you apply to the EdChoice Expansion program, you must verify your income through the state. Here is a step-by-step guide to the state’s income verification process. Please use your most recent 1040s when uploading documents. For assistance with this process, please contact the Financial Aid office.

Questions? Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact Isaiah Cavaco, Assistant Director of Admissions, Financial Aid & Scholarships, at 440-327-1175 ext 105 or via email at
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