Our Mission Statement

To send into a changing world confident young people of integrity who think critically and creatively while embracing the joy of lifelong learning.

Our Educational Philosophy

We dedicate ourselves to helping one another create a community that recognizes every individual's abilities and aspirations for earning and giving respect, developing an inner sense of integrity, appreciating the value of nurturing scholarship appropriate for each developmental stage of learning, and understanding what constitutes doing one's personal best in attending to the challenges of each day.

These core values are intended to shape and define our educational experiences each and every day. The school philosophy mirrors the Lake Ridge Academy vision of learning as an active engagement of the whole person. The importance of both the intellectual and emotional growth of each person is equally emphasized within our community.

We believe:

  • Students and teachers should strive towards excellence in all they do with personal integrity and maximum effort.
  • All persons are to be sincerely respected. Students learn best in a respectful, caring, and safe community that encourages risk-taking, diversity of thought, and active learning.
  • Scholarship embodies the full breadth of learning experiences, including academic, artistic, athletic, and performance experiences.
  • Social, emotional, and academic development are interconnected and equally important.
  • Students possess different styles of learning and develop along a continuum. Our teaching methods recognize that each child does not acquire the same skills and knowledge at the same time.