Institute for Scientific Research

Calling all curious minds and future researchers!  Are you ready to dive deep into the world of scientific discovery? The Institute for Scientific Research at Lake Ridge Academy offers a unique and rigorous certificate program to ignite your love for science and research.
Here's what sets the Institute apart:
  • Crack the Code: Develop your problem-solving skills through a scientific lens. Learn to think critically, ask insightful questions, and analyze evidence like a pro.
  • Own Your Inquiry: Embark on a two-year independent research project of your choosing. Become an expert in your field with the guidance of an experienced, dedicated mentor.
  • Communicate Like a Champion: Learn to clearly and accurately share your findings, honing your communication skills for success in science and beyond.

Join the ranks of the Institute Fellows (our exceptional student researchers):
  • Sophomore Year: Step into the program with an introductory course on scientific research methods – the foundation for your journey.
  • Junior Year: Dive into your chosen research topic, mentored by an expert in your field. Ask questions, gather data, and watch your project unfold.
  • Senior Year: Culminate your research by crafting a thesis paper and presenting your groundbreaking findings to a panel of experts.

The Institute for Scientific Research is more than a program – it's a transformative experience. You'll gain:
  • Resilience: Develop the grit and determination needed to conquer research challenges.
  • College Advantage: Stand out from the crowd with this impressive college-level experience.
  • Real-World Skills: Master research methods, data analysis, and communication skills that will empower you in any field.

Ready to unlock your scientific potential? Explore some of the research topics of our graduates for a taste of what awaits you:
  • “Effectiveness of Behavioral Treatments in Helping Reduce Pain from Pediatric Migraines”
  • “The Impact of Educational Philosophies on Growth Mindset and Self-Efficacy in Middle School Students”
  • “Irrational Triangles and Periodic Trajectories”
  • “Risk Aversion and Impulsivity in Children”
  • "The Use of Organic Waste in Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors, A Meta-Analysis of the Literature"

Join the Institute for Scientific Research and embark on a journey of scientific discovery!
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