Head of School Message

Dear families,

I believe students achieve their best academically when they are well-known by teachers and their experience is personalized. Lake Ridge Academy is both a school with exceedingly high scholarship, and a school where every student is known well and cared about by their teachers and other adults.

As an independent school, Lake Ridge Academy offers an engaging and effective curriculum that is driven by our teachers and other campus leaders, not by a centralized bureaucracy. With an 8:1 student-to-teacher ratio, our teachers build relationships with our students and inspire student to excel, both in academic pursuits and in co-curricular interests. It is only through these individual connections that a teacher can inspire students to do their personal best based on their own individual talents, interests, and limitations.

I believe that every child is a genius, and part of our teachers’ job is to help every student find his or her particular passion, whether that is in math class, on the basketball court, at their easel, or on stage. Lake Ridge does this better than any other school that I know. If you are part of our community, you already know this, and if you are not, I invite you to come visit and get to know us. Thanks for visiting!

Warm regards,

Mitch White
Head of School