As the International Program Director and Assistant Director of Admissions at Lake Ridge Academy, Jane Lacoste oversees all international student applications and host families. She also serves as the Principal Designated School Official for SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Program).

Ms. Lacoste received her bachelor’s degree in International Business and Finance from The Ohio State University. During high school and college, she had many opportunities to experience life as an international student and develop fluency in French. She has traveled to 37 countries and has passed her love of international travel on to her three sons, each of whom has also experienced being abroad.

Outside of learning and traveling, Jane enjoys cooking and spending time outdoors with her family and friends.

You can also contact Jane on:
We Chat: JaneL44039
What's App: 330-990-7961

Director of Admissions & International Program Director

Jane Lacoste

I’m proud and honored to work with our international students. While they come to learn in the United States, in fact, our international students are simultaneously teaching us, bringing their customs, traditions, languages, and unique perspectives. This is tremendously valuable to our community and our mission of developing globally-minded citizens. It’s so rewarding to watch lifelong, indeed, life-changing relationships develop: in the classroom, on the field, or with host families. International students bring the world to Lake Ridge Academy. 

Jane Lacoste
11 years at Lake Ridge Academy