Alumni Leadership

Alumni Council

The Lake Ridge Academy Alumni Council is composed of members who serve as liaisons between the school and its larger body of alumni. Members of the Alumni Council represent all decades and serve from various time zones across the United States. Their work informs much of the communication between Lake Ridge Academy and alumni, enhances alumni programming around the country, and advises the school’s leadership on matters related to current and future alumni.

Interested candidates may express a desire to serve on the Alumni Council at any time and are confirmed through a nomination process with the Alumni Council chair and Assistant Director of Alumni Relations. Alumni Council members serve renewable one-year terms and are expected to actively participate in Council-sponsored activities, demonstrate leadership in giving to the Annual Fund each year, and attend a majority of meetings in person or by teleconference.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors serves as the governing body of Lake Ridge Academy, and one quarter of its members are alumni. Though alumni members may serve from any location, in-person attendance is expected for at least four of the six meetings each year, and teleconferencing participation is expected for as many remaining meetings as possible. Board of Directors members are selected through a formal nomination process by the Board’s Committee on Directors.

Class Agents

Each alumni class has a class agent representative who serves to coordinate communication between its class members and Lake Ridge Academy. Any career updates, life events, and other points of interest are shared with the school and then back with the larger alumni body through the ByLine and other electronic alumni articles. Class Agents typically check in with the Assistant Director of Alumni Relations just twice per year and enjoy opportunities to connect with classmates all year long.

Reunion Volunteers

Alumni are invited to attend Reunion Week every year, and class members who are celebrating a milestone five-year anniversary are encouraged to attend the Reunion Week Kick-Off that is planned in conjunction with the school’s Auction Gala where teachers, alumni, and hundreds of Lake Ridge families gather in celebration of the school each fall. Reunion volunteers primarily serve to foster communication between class members and the school, coordinate special reunion activities, and maintain connections between their classmates and Lake Ridge.