Institute for Business and Entrepreneurship

Calling all future business moguls and innovative thinkers! The Institute for Business and Entrepreneurship (IBE) at Lake Ridge Academy offers an immersive certificate program that's anything but ordinary.
Here's why the IBE is your launchpad to success:
  • Be the Boss: Run your own student-led business! Apply your classroom knowledge to real-world situations like marketing, finance, operations, and strategic planning.
  • Learn by Doing: The IBE is all about experiential learning. Tackle authentic business challenges, develop business plans, and execute marketing campaigns to gain practical skills that will set you apart.
  • Expert Guidance: Get mentored by experienced entrepreneurs, business leaders, and our dedicated faculty. They'll share invaluable insights, offer advice, and connect you with their networks.
  • Build Your Network: Connect with local businesses and entrepreneurs. These connections can open doors to internships, mentorships, and collaborations for your student ventures.
  • Showcase Your Skills: Culminating projects let you shine! Develop a comprehensive business plan, launch your own startup, or conduct market research to solve real business problems.

The IBE is more than a program – it's a community that empowers you to thrive.  With support from grants and affiliations like the E.E. Ford Foundation and The Veale Youth Entrepreneurship Forum (VYEF), you'll learn to think creatively, solve problems, and become a successful entrepreneur.
Lake Ridge Academy is the only independent college preparatory school on Cleveland's west side. Our co-educational curriculum offers a unique blend of academics, extracurricular activities, and a focus on character development, all on our beautiful 93-acre campus. With a student-teacher ratio of 8:1, our devoted faculty provides personalized attention to help every student thrive.