Global and International Studies Program

Are you enthusiastic about world cultures and driven to make a positive impact? Then the Global and International Studies Program at Lake Ridge Academy is for you!  This prestigious certificate program transforms students into Global Scholars who are prepared to be the future leading citizens of the world.
Here's what awaits you as a Global Scholar:
  • Explore Your Interests: Delve into a self-chosen Area of Study, diving deep into the study of world history, literature, languages, political and economic realities, and health and environmental realities.
  • Develop Expertise: Conduct an intensive two-year research project, building your knowledge and becoming an expert in your chosen field.
  • Cross-Cultural Immersion: Expand your horizons through cultural clubs, travel opportunities (or travel-equivalent experiences), and interacting with international peers.
  • Become a Changemaker: Develop a pragmatic solution to a real-world challenge within your Area of Study. In your junior year, present your findings to faculty and a professional expert.
  • Defend Your Thesis: In your senior year, culminate your journey by presenting and defending an extensive paper in which you have developed a pragmatic and purposeful resolution to a specific challenge within your Area of Study.

The Global and International Studies Program is more than a class; it's a transformative experience. You'll gain:
  • Critical Thinking Skills: Sharpen your ability to analyze complex global issues and develop practical solutions.
  • Cultural Fluency: Navigate diverse cultures with confidence and understanding.
  • Global Knowledge: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the world beyond Western perspectives.
  • College-Ready Skills: Master research, writing, organization, and independent learning under expert guidance.

Ready to become a Global Scholar and make your mark on the world?  Nominate yourself in your sophomore year and embark on this incredible journey!
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