Institute for Engineering and Innovation

Are you brimming with ideas and passionate about bringing them to life? Then the Institute for Engineering and Innovation at Lake Ridge Academy is your perfect launchpad!
This exclusive certificate program empowers you to:
  • Become an Engineering Apprentice: Apply after your sophomore year and gain hands-on experience using real-world engineering practices.
  • Design Like a Pro: Learn industry-standard procedures to create high-quality, functional designs. 
  • Bring Your Vision to Reality: Craft a project from concept to completion, collaborating with a dedicated mentor who will guide you every step of the way.
  • Master Project Management: With the help of your clients and program director, you’ll set budgets, timelines, and milestones – all the skills needed to see your project through.
  • Showcase Your Work: Present your masterpiece at a Lake Ridge Academy hosted Maker Faire, attended by industry professionals and the public!

Unleash Your Creativity in a State-of-the-Art Workshop:

Our robust engineering workshop and fabrication lab is your playground! You'll have access to an incredible range of equipment, from basic hand tools to:
  • Engine Lathe: For precision turning and shaping of metal components.
  • SawStop Table Saw: Industry-leading safety features to keep you focused on creating.
  • Tormach Mill: Computer-controlled for ultimate machining accuracy.
  • Shop Sabre Router: Perfect for intricate cuts and shaping
This program goes beyond the classroom:
  • Gain College-Level Skills: Learn the research methodologies used in top universities.
  • Master Project Management: Develop the skills to manage complex, real-world projects.
  • Invaluable Experience: Get a head start on your engineering career with this unique opportunity.

Ready to transform your ideas into reality?  Apply to the Institute for Engineering and Innovation today!
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