School Life

Cross-Grade Learning

Lake Ridge Academy purposefully keeps all K-12 grades on one campus, as we find great benefit to learning, leadership skill building, and camaraderie when students of various ages can interact daily.

Several facilities on our campus, such as the Community Resource Center and Fine Arts Building, host students of all three divisions, often at the same time. Each division faces a common quadrangle, which creates an intimate environment that invites collaboration between grades and divisions. For example, Lower School students can quickly walk across the playground to view insects under a microscope or see a living cell reenactment with help by Upper School students in the Upper School biology laboratory. Many of our Upper School students voluntarily spend their free periods tutoring students in the Lower and Middle Schools. Throughout the school year, the entire campus meets together in the Bettcher Convocation Center for events like the Holiday Project and for special school-wide presentations.